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Windows IoT Core on the Raspberry Pi

At our September 20th meeting, Brian Carroll will provide an introduction to developing and deploying applications to Window IoT Core running on a Raspberry Pi.  We will start with a brief introduction to the Pi and then walk through the steps necessary to get Windows IoT Core running on it.  We’ll then use Visual Studio and C# to build the IoT equivalent of a “Hello World” application.  After that we’ll learn how to read sensors, control output, and push data to the Azure cloud, all using C# running on the Pi.  Finally, we’ll see how it can all come together as we look at a fun project he put together to save himself a few steps each day.

Brian Carroll has been developing software and “playing with computers” since way before it was cool.  (It is cool now, right?)  The majority of his 25 years of development experience has been in healthcare and automotive manufacturing.  He has also worked on projects in the finance, insurance, distribution, music, and engineering fields and in the late 90s was a Microsoft Certified Trainer.   He and his wife Rosemary are both software developers and they have instantiated two other developers – both of their grown sons are developers as well.  Brian left his fulltime Development Manager position earlier this year to focus on building his own business – Dyad Software LLC which he and his wife started in 2009.  He is currently working with a Nashville-based development team building web apps for state wildlife and conservation agencies.

Our sponsor for this meeting is Intellectual Capital. They are providing the pizza and drink for the meeting.

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