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Website Optimization Workshop

In the June 20th meeting we talked about how quickly people leave your site when it is slow. We also looked at how an additional second of load time of a web application can add up to huge amounts of lost productivity within your organization. If you want the resources from the last meeting, you can get them at

The poll showed that Wednesday 7/13/2016 at 6 PM is the time that the most people could attend.

The workshop will be hands on, so you must have a a laptop to work on. While it is best to have an actual website to work on, you can work on a web app locally hosted on your laptop.

Unlike the initial meeting that was long on theory, this one will be purely practical. We will analyze your website and will run through the various problems and aspects of optimization. At the end of the workshop you should have a faster loading website. I’m expecting the workshop to take 3 hours.

We will be covering techniques that work on websites on Microsoft stack as well as sites running on LAMPS. We will also cover techniques specific to WordPress.

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