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January 19th, 2016 Meeting

Wow, last year just flew. I’m sorry for the late notification about out first meeting in January. This month, I will be doing a presentation of the new product we are about to launch. I’ll be discussing the overall architecture of the application and some of the many decisions we had to make. This presentation […]

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Fun With LINQ

Hi, This Tuesday, 8/16, I will be doing a “Fun With LINQ” presentation at the GSP Developers’ Guild meeting. This presentation will start out with the basics of LINQ and show you why I keep saying that it is a technology all .NET developers need to learn. I will also be covering, LINQPad, a cool tool that […]

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Practical Use of Silverlight and Expression Blend to Develop an App

Silverlight is a powerful development environment, capable of state-of-the-art visual effects. If you’ve ever wanted to give text some motion, cross-fade a grid from one view to another, fly-in a logo, animate control positioning, or use various levels of transparency to enhance certain data, Silverlight is fully capable. However, if you’ve ever tried to use […]

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Secrets of a .NET Ninja

Tuesday Jan 18th, Chris Eargle will discuss both good and bad techniques that he has seen used in .NET applications. He will demonstrate those that are good, rant against those that are bad, and reveal those unknown to many. Whether a novice or a seasoned coder, you will find something useful, or perhaps even wicked, that […]

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