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Roslyn & T4

Tuesday October 18th, Nick Harrison will be talking abut “Roslyn & T4”. You have heard the hype about Roslyn. You may have wondered what it could do for you. You have thought that it was only for tools developers. Think again! Roslyn brings a lot to the table for everyone, not just white coats in ivory towers, but also for the many hard working devs with hands on keyboards making real code work in the real world.

In this presentation, we will see how we can use Roslyn to gather the details needed to allow T4 to generate JavaScript code to make it easier to use a Web API. The goal here is to simplify repetitive tasks that many of us do day in and day out, freeing up time to work on other more interesting aspects of our projects. This is a companion presentation to an article to be published in the November issue of MSDN “Roslyn and T4 Playing Together”

The meeting is free to anyone interested in the topic. All we ask is that you sign up for the meeting at Meetup so we can order enough food, Our meeting sponsor, Godshall is providing the food and drink.

Bio: Nick Harrison a software consultant living in Columbia, South Carolina. He has done full stack development on projects ranging from full featured Loan Origination Systems for prominent mortgage lenders to rapid prototypes for small startups. He has done full life cycle development from initial inception through post deployment support.

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