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March 18th, 2003 Meeting

Date: Tuesday March 18, 2003 Time: 7:00pm Place: TEC Knowledge in McAlister Square TaskVision: A Foundation for Winforms Development When .NET hit the streets, a couple of the first reference/sample applications to follow it were the IBuySpy Portal and the IBuySpy Store. These products were released by Microsoft to illustrate best practices in WebForms development and give developers a […]

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February 18th, 2003 Meeting

When Microsoft wrote VB.NET, they provided a new way to handle errors. This new method is much more powerful. If you are like most developers, error handling is often added as an afterthought. Instead, error handling should be figured into the overall application architecture. If you have ever looked at it from the architectural perspective, […]

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January 21st, 2003 Meeting

At our meeting on Tuesday, January 21st, Bill McLuskie from Extreme Logic – Charlotte presented “Dynamic User Interfaces in .NET”. There are many scenarios where the complete user interface, either a Windows Form or a Web Form, cannot be defined at design time and Bill showed how we could get around this by generating the […]

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December 2002 Meeting

While the attendance was a little lower than normal, we got a great chance to see presentations from several of our members. In some cases we got to hear of the items they struggled with on their way up the learning curve. Sometimes it is nice to hear that you aren’t the only one that […]

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