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Best Practices of Models and ViewModels in ASP.NET Core

Based on the interest and great turn out at the last meeting, this month will build upon the last presentation. Last month we covered the very basics of ASP.NET Core MVC. At the February 21 meeting Joe Walling will delve into the topic of best practice surrounding models and viewmodels.

In addition to covering where you might use one over the other, and why, he will show several examples of the different approaches and discuss the shortcomings of each. By the end of this presentation, you should have a better understanding of how choosing the appropriate approach can result in:

  • Better performance
  • More secure app
  • Easier to write code
  • Less impact on SQL Server
  • Improved testability

Copying data elements from the model to the viewmodel can be a tedious process. We’ll cover some tools and approaches, that make this process easier or maybe unecessary. In this part of the presentation, you’ll learn why the most popular mapping tool might not be your best option.

Finally, we’ll cover some patterns that will allow you to return viewmodels in a manner that is loosely coupled. After all, we all want more reusable and testable code…don’t we?

While this presentation will be done in ASP.NET Core MVC, the same concepts apply to other versions of ASP.NET MVC.

The meeting is being sponsored by Robert Half Technologies. This meeting is open to any software developers interested in the topic. Thanks to our sponsors providing the food, the meetings are free. All we ask is that you RSVP on Meetup so we can plan to have the correct amount of food.

We will meet in Building 103 Room ET142. The food and networking starts at 6 PM with the presentation starting at 6:30 PM.

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